PEO Website Desgning

Designing a website for a PEO is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research to be done before getting into the actual business.

To give PEO website a professional look, its very important to understand what PEO is, its importance in business and roles performed by the PEO in an established company. PEO – Professional Employer Organization – is not just a staffing agency, but serves as a complete HR department. It’s a Co-Employment Relationship, where a company enters into an agreement with the PEO to establish a three-way relationship between the firm, its employees and the PEO. PEO thus concentrates on the core competencies and covers various levels of services for a company regardless of whether it’s a new establishment or a well- settled firm.

At Urmansoft, PEO websites are designed by giving emphasis on strong content, combined with excellent PEO designs with powerful features marking their identity in business. Urmansoft offers sleek designs, custom CGI/ASP programming, web-database integration, high traffic hosting and professional consulting for PEO Industries.

PEO website designing at Urmansoft includes features such as:

  • Online Benefits Enrollment
  • Web Design Integration of the PEO websites to Payroll Web Interface
  • Online New Hire Enrollment
  • User Authentication System
  • Online Performance Appraisal System
  • Online Carrier Enrollment
  • Online Training and Certification Tracking System
  • Print and Merge Benefits Enrollment Data with PDF Forms

and many more such features, providing an extra edge to your website as against to your competitors.

PEO website designing is really unique and truly original at Urmansoft adopting the blank canvas approach. In this approach, we first search and analyze the competing sites for their content and aesthetic approach, undertake your recommendations and then apply our own experience and industry knowledge into designing the website. After all this done, we consider your review comments and implement the desired changes. Thus by employing innovative design schemes, color coding, Flash and Java Scripts, we make every effort to highlight those unique features of your PEO website.