Liquid CSS Layouts

Web designers need to build websites with a flexible appearance because web pages do not appear the same on all computers. The layout of these pages can be made in three forms namely liquid, solid and suspension form. Relative units are applied for liquid layouts which help to reduce the unused screen space. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to have control over the margins and text length, thus making the website usable in the liquid environment. It improves the quality of work and the layout of the contents for the website.

Advantages Of Liquid CSS Layouts

  • It is very flexible.
  • Provides a decrease in the HTML/body text ratio.
  • The usability and accessibility of the site increases.
  • On the Modern browsers it works well, and even on some of the old ones. Usable on text-only browsers.
  • Has a very appealing look for the users after it is ready, sometimes even better than the standard layouts

The only Drawback it has that it requires lots of patience and time to make it working with older browsers too.

Principles To CSS Layouts

Cascading Style Sheet layouts follow the concept of absolute positioning. Every element is treated as a single entity which can be placed anywhere on the page in relation to the edges.

What We Offer

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