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Welcome to Urmansoft

When you decide to get a website designed for your organization, you conduct a meeting with your colleagues and staff members deciding on the essential aspects of your website. You decide on colors to be used, position of the logos and pictures and other such crap. But there are other considerations also that are far more inevitable. Your website should be designed such that it delivers a return on investment. Some of the fields that are essential are mentioned bellow:-

Liquid CSS layouts

Liquid CSS layouts are an excellent way to create and design flexible websites according to the requirements of a wide range of users. Liquid CSS layouts are generally based on a fixed percentage of the dimensions of the browser window. However the pros and cons have to be taken care of while creating a CSS liquid layout. Some of the liquid layouts are fixed fluid, fluid fixed, fixed fluid fixed and many more….Read More

Telecom web design

All the organizations who deal in mobile phones, telemarketing or basic telephones require unparallel telecom web designing services. Right color schemes while designing your site and avoiding any irritating popup are also inevitable and should not be ignored. Search engine should also be very friendly and it can be done by using some essential website development tools….Read More

Mortgage website design

Brokers and lenders and loan officers worldwide require Mortgage website designing and they should be very choosy while accepting any web designer’s services. Every mortgage broker or loan officer should own his customized mortgage website….Read More

PEO website design

If you want that your PEO website looks professional, first you should know about PEO and its importance. Once you know the importance of PEO it is not tough to imagine your business rising up. Basically a PEO website covers various levels of services of your company. A professionally developed PEO website can prove your identity and help you rise above your competitors….Read More

Travel and tourism website design

It has become a necessity to own a website for most of the travel agents and many of them already have one. We specialize in designing custom websites for our customers. Our websites perform superbly on the web thus increasing the traffic for your website….Read More

Logo designing

A company’s site serves as an online resume. So every businessman would want his website to appear the best. Logos improve the appearance website templates, thus creating visually appealing layouts encouraging your visitors to hang on to your site for a longer period….Read More